BeMS Estimating - fast simple and accurate !

Based on XL, macros quickly build up saved points lists, adding BeMS controllers, valves and sensors even creating a schedule of rates in a customised offer that reflects your companies style image and competitive edge!

The offer is automatically saved and a graphical DASHBOARD created to help management understand product splits, labour rates and margin. - THIS IS A REAL GAME CHANGER. . . . . . . .




Working for the Building Controls Industry.

Targeted sales and marketing, sales management, white spots, new market testing, account management.

Clear concise technical publications, proof reading, translations and product marketing.

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Building Controls simplification training, communications, networks and familiarisation of building HVAC.

Blackbuck was set up to support the controls sector, Systems Integrators, Consultants and end users by providing clarity to people associated with Building energy Management Systems.

This is done through a greater awareness of what "we" BeMS people do, everything is communicated in plainEnglish and allows new comers or people associated with BeMS a key to understanding controls.

Training is a large part of our work, Face to Face and eLearning, but also understanding how users can get the most from their BeMS with "relational control" in other word ensuring that the BeMS is at the heart of integrating any Energy Strategy.

This is done by site support, surveys and questionnaires independent of any manufacturer but benchmarked against the standard EN15232.

Another area of expertise is Estimating, this is a time consuming exercise so we have developed an Estimating Tool that can build your price, Description of Operation and a Points List by a series of "shortcuts". It is based in XL, this means it is flexible enough to add your own identity, flare and pricing to keep the uniqueness of your offer.