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Repetition is simple, save "SHORTCUTS" of points and recall them as you go along, this saves time, an AHU with say 30 points can be estimated in seconds along with a Schedule of rates, Engineering Time and additional bought in equipment. This is then assembled in to a proposal to "pdf" to the client.

Two databases, one price and one Points are assembled outstation by outstation to create a POINTS List, a Schedule of Rates, and a neatly displayed DASHBOARD of labour costs, margin and program.

Get a free DEMO today with multiple themes, either built to your requirements as a bespoke option, or available by annual subscription.

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Fast BeMS, MCC and Wiring Estimating made SIMPLE!

Imagine a BeMS estimating package customised to the products you use, controllers from your favourite supplier, sensors and valves from the most competitive and variable speed drives from the one that integrates best. Well Blackbuck have an adaptable solution, an excel spreadsheet annually maintained and updated, for multiple users along with site training if required.

Entry level single user licence 10 MCC version is available at £600 per year plus VAT, or a one off fee of £1,800 plus VAT to own the product. We than have options to include the MCC estimate, or even to include the code and a bespoke design based on the example customised to how you estimate, all come with a library of existing description of operations and Points Lists are provided along with a site visit to train users and on going telephone support.