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Technical Writing:

Need help to communicate technical information about products and services in a way that is easy to understand at all levels. We can provide technical information presented as user guides, reference or installation manuals for Building Management System products, services and solutions.

• Collaborating with developers and managers to clarify technical issues.
• Working with translators, printers and service providers.
• Gathering and analysing the information needs of the user.
• Writing and editing.
• Commissioning, coordinating or preparing illustrations.
• Indexing and cataloguing material.
• Copy-editing.
• Marketing - publicising services and skills to potential clients.

Target Sales and Marketing

From attentive account management, to business development or market testing, an effective way to build your business without the overhead of expanding your sales force. Campaign planning, identifying “street level pricing”. Create road maps datasets and market trends.

• Positioning your company in terms of quality, price and delivery.
• Providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education.
• After-sales support services and providing technical back up.
• Arranging and carrying out product training.
• Analysing costs and sales.
• Supporting marketing activities by attending trade shows.
• Making technical presentations and demonstrating company expertise.
• Helping in the design of custom-made products.
• Bespoke support materials and training for sales professionals


Building Energy Management System bespoke courses, delivery of tutorials, practical demonstrations, and field work. We also pursue our own research to contribute to the wider activities of BEMS sector. The aim is to raise awareness and appreciation of the BEMS industry.

• Delivering lectures, seminars and tutorials on site (minimum of four delegates) or at our Training Venue
• Developing and implementing new methods of teaching to reflect changes in research.
• Designing, preparing and developing training materials.
• Assessing students' engagement.
• Undertaking personal research projects and actively contributing to the BMS industries developing profile.
• Writing up research and preparing it for publication.
• Completing continuous professional development (CPD) and participating in corporate staff training activities.
• Establishing collaborative links outside the BEMS sector with industrial, commercial and public organisations